Kranpunkten - A sustainable journey

10 June 2024

Everything started with the need for a new machinery hall at Ängsgården in Segeltorp, just a few kilometers from Förslöv in Skåne. A lift was rented for the height work. The year was 1989, and the lif…

Kranpunkten celebrates 35 years in the industry.

02 April 2024

In 2024, Kranpunkten celebrates 35 years in the industry. The journey over more than three decades has been marked by growth, continuous investments, and efficiencies. The common thread has always bee…

Kranpunkten Expands with Depot in northern Sweden

22 February 2024

The green transition of industry in northern Sweden entails significant investments in the construction and renovation of facilities for fossil-free production. With a sustainability-focused operation…

Electric and oil-free - How does it work?

19 June 2023

Our new oil-free and fully electric Dingli JCPT1012PA is a groundbreaking scissor lift model for a more sustainable and efficient workplace. But how does oil-free actually work?

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