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You can receive your invoices as e-invoices, as PDF files via email, or as paper invoices. Sustainability is important to Kranpunkten, and for that reason, we prefer to send invoices via email or as e-invoices.

If you wish to change the delivery method of your invoices, please email your customer number, contact information, new address/email, and preferred delivery method to Kranpunkten's bankgiro (payment method) is 5733-6075.

Questions regarding invoiced items will be answered by staff at the depot where the rental was booked. Please refer to the contact information for our depots.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Access our rental terms and conditions here.

Rental Insurance

Read about our rental insurance here.

Questions regarding rental terms and rental insurance will be answered by our depots. Please refer to the contact information for our depots.

Reception inspection fee

Our priority is to ensure that you, as a customer, receive machines of the highest quality and safety. In our workshops across the country, some of the industry's most competent mechanics work to ensure that the machines meet the high standards set. For some time, we have observed significant price increases associated with the maintenance of our machines, primarily costs related to the condition when the machines return from the customer to the depot for service inspection. This is also the background for our decision to, starting from April 1, 2023, charge a reception inspection fee. The amount of the fee varies depending on the machine model and will be visible as a separate line on invoices issued after April 1.

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