We face the future with clear environmental goals

Our goal is for our operations to generate no emissions. Getting there requires a lot of work and, above all, collaboration with our suppliers and customers. By constantly being open to new solutions and closely monitoring market developments, we will reduce CO2 emissions from all aspects of our operations

We measure and report our emissions in scope 1, 2, and 3

The largest emissions from our operations are those reported in scope 3, making them the natural focus areas for our environmental work. However, our goals and actions encompass all three areas.


Scope 3


Increase the proportion of electric and hybrid machines

Kranpunkten's goal is to transition its machine fleet from diesel-powered to prioritize investments in clean electric machines or hybrids. The proportion of electric and hybrid machines was 85% in 2022. The goal for 2023 is to reach a proportion of 90%.

Reduce CO2 Emissions from the machine fleet

During 2022, 83% of machines with combustion engines were fueled with HVO100, resulting in a reduction of 1.2 tons of CO2e emissions. The goal is for 95% of our fuel to consist of HVO100.


Reduce CO2 emissions from machine transport

We procure transportation for our machines to and from our customers' worksites. In ongoing dialogue with our logistics partners, we strive to influence them towards more environmentally friendly practices. In 2022, 54% of the transports were carried out using alternative fuels. The goal is to reach 80%.

Reduce waste volume

Kranpunkten continuously works to reduce waste volume and phase out environmentally and health hazardous substances in our workshops. The proportion of hazardous waste decreased by 33% in 2022.

Scope 2


Reduce energy consumption

Investments in solar panels at our depots resulted in a 19% reduction in kWh consumption in 2022. We continue to install solar panels at depots suitable for such installations. The goal is to achieve an additional 10% reduction in 2023.

Scope 1


Reduce CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet

Since 2020, we have been refueling our cars and transport vehicles with HVO100. In 2022, this led to a 19% reduction in emissions from the vehicle fleet. The goal is to transition the entire vehicle fleet to electric vehicles by 2025.

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