Our history

It all started with the need for a new machine hall at Ängsgården in Segelstorp, just a few kilometers from Förslöv in Skåne. Work on the new hall began and a lift was hired for the work at height.

The year was 1989 and the lift became the starting point for the company Kranpunkten. The business grew quickly and profitably and moved in 1998 with 400 machines to Förslöv. A management system that could grow with the business was established and in 2001 certification in quality and environment was a fact, quickly followed by work environment certification and a proud proof of the highest creditworthiness through AAA rating.

The first establishment outside Förslöv came in 2004 when Kranpunkten in Uppsala opened its doors. Then the step was taken outside Sweden's borders and operations were started in the neighboring country of Norway. In 2006, the company received an honorary award as innovative Gazelle company.

With these establishments and more competent and committed employees, Kranpunkten could now start delivering to more and more assignments and projects. In 2012, it was time to establish in Gothenburg when Logab, closely followed by MR Bygg, was acquired and integrated into Kranpunkten's operations. At the same time, the depot in Malmö was established. In 2015, Nofa Janneniska AB, the company's most central depot in Stockholm, was acquired.

Alvelins Uthyrnings AB in Gothenburg was acquired in 2016. The largest investment package in the company's history was taken in 2019 as part of a conscious strategy to switch to more hybrid and electric machines and alternative fuels. Increased demand pressure from above all large projects, despite the pandemic, has meant that investments in more environmentally friendly units continued in 2021. To reduce emissions from machine transport, Kranpunkten together with logistics partner Swerock has invested in an electric truck.

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