Kranpunkten ensures climate goals: Expanding the number of electric transports in urban areas

As part of efforts towards achieving climate neutrality by 2030, Kranpunkten launched the first electric truck in the spring of 2022, uniquely designed for loading, unloading, and transporting lifts. This initiative, aimed at making deliveries of Kranpunkt's rental lifts in the inner city of Gothenburg cleaner and quieter, has proven successful. Now, Kranpunkten is taking the next step by introducing two additional electric trucks for sustainable machinery transport in Stockholm and Malmö.

The primary advantages of electric trucks are reduced carbon emissions and quiet operation, resulting in less noise and a better working environment, both for the transport drivers and for the recipients of the machinery at construction sites in urban areas.

"Andreas Wåhlander, Regional Manager of Kranpunkten West, stated, "The use of electric trucks for machinery transport is a measure to reduce Kranpunkt's footprint in an area where we have our greatest environmental impact. Our experiences with the first electric truck in Gothenburg show that our customers also highly value the opportunity for more sustainable deliveries."

Kranpunkten is now accelerating the pace of transition and has decided to acquire two new electric trucks for customer deliveries in Stockholm and Malmö. This means that customers in Sweden's largest cities can be offered a fully electric alternative, with rental lifts powered and charged by green electricity, transported to and from the worksite quietly and with zero emissions. The trucks are expected to be put into operation in the first half of 2024.

About Kranpunkten's Sustainability Efforts

As a leading company in the industry, it is natural for us to take responsibility throughout the value chain. Through concrete and ongoing measures, we are converting our own fleet to hybrid and electric rental machines and vehicles, as well as using alternative fuels. We collaborate with our suppliers to enable change and the development of new technology to meet our customers' needs. Through our business model, we assist our customers in executing their projects with modern and environmentally efficient machinery that reduces energy consumption during work.

Our goal is for Kranpunkten's operations to be completely climate-neutral by 2030.

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