Kranpunkten has placed record size order of green boom lifts from Niftylift

Kranpunkten has placed record size order of green boom lifts from Niftylift

To meet the need for an increasing proportion of environmentally and energy-saving lifting equipment in construction and industrial projects, Kranpunkten continues to convert its rental fleet through new investments. The order, which consists of 100 electric and hybrid-powered boom lifts from Niftylift, is the manufacturer's largest delivery of environmentally friendly machines to a single customer in northern Europe.

Kranpunkten's strategy is to gradually increase the proportion of machines with low environmental impact. The investment in 100 new boom lifts means that 85% of the rental fleets 4,500 units now are electric and hybrid operated.

The field of application for boom lifts is wide, which makes them a popular and in-demand rental product. With the emission- and noise-free electric operation, the utility increases further, as the machines also can be in operation when projects enter the indoor phase and when working in the early mornings and late evenings.

- The delivery from Niftylift means a lot to us. With many uncertainties in the world around us, we believe that today and in the future we are best equipped to meet the market demand if we can offer a high proportion of environmental and energy-saving machines, says Rikard Jönsson, Purchasing Manager at Kranpunkten.

Niftylift has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions for electric and hybrid operation. The Kranpunkten order contains two machine types with the latest battery technology; fully electric HeightRider 21 All-Electric (HR21E) and the hybrid lift HeightRider 28 (HR28).

- We collaborate with our stakeholders and help each other make sustainable choices. Kranpunkten is a customer with a conscious strategy and clear requirements for environmental adaptation, which contributes to driving our development forward at a faster pace. The order for 100 machines will be our largest "green" delivery to an individual customer in northern Europe, says Mark van Oosten, sales manager at Niftylift.

Delivery of the order has begun and will continue for the remainder of 2022.

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