Electric and oil-free - How does it work?

Our new oil-free and fully electric Dingli JCPT1012PA is a groundbreaking scissor lift model for a more sustainable and efficient workplace. But how does oil-free actually work?

With an impressive maximum working height of 10 meters and a load capacity of 450 kg, Dingli JCPT1012PA is a scissor lift that can meet various needs. But what truly sets this model apart is the use of electric actuators. The actuators control the lifting, lowering, and steering, eliminating the need for traditional hydraulic oil cylinders. This brings a multitude of advantages that can revolutionize your workday practically and contribute to more sustainable and cost-effective work environments.

Key points:

  • One of the advantages is the low energy consumption. According to calculations, the direct drive system can result in an energy savings of over 30% compared to traditional hydraulic systems.
  • Electric propulsion combined with oil-free operation means zero emissions and lower noise levels compared to machines with conventional electric propulsion and hydraulic systems.
  • Without hydraulic systems, problems related to oil such as oil leakage and power reduction at extreme temperatures are avoided. Additionally, the machines are equipped with modern AGM batteries, eliminating the need for battery water refills.

Upgrade your workplace today with this groundbreaking oil-free and fully electric scissor lift model - Contact us for more information and let us help you make your work easier, more efficient, and sustainable!


10 June 2024

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