Basic fall protection course

About Basic fall protection course

During the basic fall protection course, the participant will learn about relevant laws and standards for work in fall risk environments and understand what happens to the body in the event of a fall. The participant also learns how to use personal fall protection equipment correctly and safely. How to make a detailed risk assessment and rescue plans are also important skills that the participant will learn.

Duration: Half day (4 hours).
Maximum number of participants: 10 people.
Price: SEK 2,500 ex VAT per person.

Booking: Contact us at or by phone 0705-28 49 18.

Course content

  • What happens in the event of a fall?
  • What does the relevant legislation say?
  • The employer's and the employee's responsibility
  • What does the Swedish Work Environment Authority say?
  • Working methods
  • What are CE and EN markings?
  • Risk assessment and rescue plan
  • Proper care of an injured person
  • Use of an anchor point
  • Correct use of the equipment
  • Fall factors

Certificate and follow-up

After passing the course, the participant will receive a certificate.

Who should attend

Basic fall protection is aimed at those who must work at height in various environments.

Basic requirements for participation

No previous knowledge required.

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