Kranpunkten's green transition progresses, fleet expands with six new hybrid truck-mounted platforms

Kranpunkten's truck-mounted platforms are popular rental vehicles for various tasks in and around major cities. As the company continues its transition to a hybrid and electric delivery fleet, this shift also incorporates the latest technology in truck-mounted platforms.

Since spring 2023, Kranpunkten has had a 27-meter hybrid truck-mounted platform from Ruthmann in operation in Gothenburg. The number of hybrid truck-mounts is now significantly expanding, with orders placed for an additional six units: two TB 270 Pro Hybrid and four TBR 230 Pro Hybrid. Deliveries will take place throughout 2024 to Kranpunkten's depots in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The strength of the hybrid lift lies in its electric boom, which can operate silently and emission-free on the site. This marks a significant difference from traditional truck-mounted platforms , where the combustion engine needs to be running during the work. The result is a better working environment and fewer disturbances for the surroundings. For Kranpunkten's customers with assignments carried out early in the morning or late at night, in city centers, pedestrian areas, or residential areas, this is a clear advantage.

Since 2020, Kranpunkten has been refueling units with combustion engines with the renewable fuel HVO100. This means that the journeys of hybrid truck mounts to and from different sites can also be conducted in a more sustainable manner.

”Development of new technology and how quickly it becomes available on the market is decisive for the rate at which we and our customers can achieve set sustainability goals. That Kranpunkten can now expand its delivery fleet with additional hybrid truck-mounted platforms is progress,” says Rikard Jönsson, Purchasing Manager at Kranpunkten.


                                              TB 270 Pro Hybrid        TBR 230 Pro Hybrid
Working height (m)                                   27,00                                       23
Outreach (m)                                            18,10                                    17,5
Safe working load (kg)                                250                                     250
Weight (kg)                                               3 500                                  3 500


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