Sustainability in focus as one of the largest logistics centers in the Nordic region takes shape

DSV Logistic is constructing two new warehouses totaling 175,000 square meters in Landskrona. The project places significant emphasis on sustainability, and the new warehouse space will be certified according to BREEAM Excellent, the world's leading scientifically based certification system for sustainability in construction projects. This imposes requirements not only on the buildings but also mandates that the construction work must prioritize environmental conservation to achieve certification.

In picture: Joakim Persson & Joakim Lundkvist 

Contractor Tommy Allström's construction production has chosen Kranpunkten as the supplier of lifts for the project, and Kranpunkten's Lift Pool is on-site with both employees and approximately 100 machines coming and going.

"The advantage of having a Lift Pool in the project is that we have someone from Kranpunkten here all the time who can assist with the lifts on-site," says Peter Sandberg, Site Manager at Tommy Allström Byggproduktion.

Kranpunkten has been working on transitioning its machine fleet to electric power, either as the sole power source or as a hybrid in combination with alternative fuels. This capability enables the company to meet the upcoming needs at the worksite.

In this project, among other choices, they've opted to use two of Kranpunkten's new scissor lifts from Dingli. The Dingli 1012 PA is electric-powered and oil-free. With electric actuators (used for lifting, lowering, and steering), there is no need for traditional hydraulic oil cylinders. The Dingli 923 DCL model has a working height of up to 19 meters, enabling it to handle work at great heights, which is required in this project.

"Kranpunkten contributes to making the construction process more sustainable by, among other things, investing in new all-electric scissor lifts from Dingli used here on the construction site. By having a Lift Pool on-site, we also minimize transportation to and from the construction site," continues Peter Sandberg.

The project has a timeframe of 22 months and is estimated to be completed by May 2024.

"This project is special because of its size. We have two buildings here, one at 100,000 square meters and the other at approximately 80,000 square meters. I've never been involved in a larger project," says Joakim Persson, District Sales Manager at Kranpunkten.


Location: Landskrona

Timeframe: 22 months

Start date: August 2022

Completion: May 2024

Contractor: Tommy Allström Byggproduktion 

Client: DSV Contractor

Cost: Approx. 1.75 billion SEK

10 June 2024

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