All in one solution

(Function pool)
- Let us take a broader holistic approach and handle many more functions in your worksite!

With Kranpunkten's All in one solution, we take a broader holistic approach and manage many more functions for you in the workplace. Lift pool with on-site personnel, construction hoists, climbing platforms, training, toilets, lighting, mini cranes, containers, cabins, alarms, snow removal, and much more.

With our resources, we ensure that you always have the right machines in place and that work runs smoothly, while relieving you from coordinating logistics, service, and support functions. Moreover, we do it with cost-effectiveness for you. With the All in one solution, rental fees are charged only per day each machine is used.

Our pool personnel serve as the hub, providing valuable advice and helpful ideas. As a customer, you can focus on construction planning and ensure everything follows the schedule.

The function pool is custom-tailored to your preferences, whether it's smaller renovation projects or extensive new construction. Additionally, we have collaborative partners with specialized competence in Bas-U and reception services.

Contact us, and let's have a discussion on how we can best tailor our services to meet your needs.

We offer the functions you need, for example:
  • Lift pool with all subcontractors' needs for lifts and lifts
  • Construction hoists
  • Climbing platforms·     
  • Mini cranes·     
  • Telescopic loader·     
  • Staff on site·     
  • Training·     
  • Loading and unloading·     
  • Interim storage of incoming goods·     
  • On-site waste management·     
  • Toilets·     
  • Lighting·     
  • Containers·     
  • Construction site sheds·     
  • Fence·     
  • Alarm·     
  • Entry and exit service·     
  • Unlocking and evening locking·     
  • Constructions shed staff and cleaning of sheds·     
  • Snow removal·     
  • Service and maintenance·     
  • Other logistics

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