Kranpunkten Expands with Depot in northern Sweden

- Green transition in the north paves the way for establishment

The green transition of industry in northern Sweden entails significant investments in the construction and renovation of facilities for fossil-free production. With a sustainability-focused operation and an increasing share of projects in northern Sweden, Kranpunkten aims to contribute to the transition journey happening up north. Therefore, in April, Kranpunkten will open its ninth depot in the city of Luleå.

Kranpunkten is one of Sweden's leading companies in the rental of lifting equipment for construction and industry. The company currently operates eight depots, from Malmö in the south to Uppsala in central Sweden, but serves customers with projects all over the country. The proportion of projects in northern Sweden is steadily increasing, and Kranpunkten is now fully investing in the north by establishing another depot with personnel in Luleå. The move to the new depot will take place in April.

The green industrialization in northern Sweden acts as a catalyst for climate transition and the promotion of a circular economy. For Kranpunkten, which has been taking continuous measures to transition to climate-neutral operations by 2030, the conditions in the northern market align well with the company's strategy.

"We have been following the development in the northern market for many years and seen that there is room for a niche player like us. With the market's focus on sustainable development, we are well-positioned for expansion northwards," says Thomas Eriksson, Regional Manager for Kranpunkten Nord.

Kranpunkten has been in the industry for 35 years, accumulating vast experience, technical expertise, and a fleet of over 4,400 units. Heightened sustainability requirements have resulted in, among other things, 85% of the total fleet now consisting of electric or hybrid-powered machines. This allows for the provision of large volumes of machines with lower climate impact to individual customer projects. Based in Luleå, Kranpunkten will be able to serve customers with both small and large projects in the north. The focus will be on making electric and hybrid-powered units available from the fleet as needed.

"We take a long-term and serious view of our investment. With our focus and capacity, we take responsibility throughout the value chain and assist our customers with transition and more sustainable construction processes. This is our first establishment in the north, and then customers and needs will dictate where we should be present in the future," continues Thomas Eriksson.


For further information, please contact:

Thomas Eriksson, Regional Manager Kranpunkten Nord, +46 70-609 70 65,

Karin Peterson, Press Contact Kranpunkten, +46 70-584 61 25,

10 June 2024

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