New electric truck makes Gothenburg's inner city quieter and cleaner

New electric truck makes Gothenburg's inner city quieter and cleaner

For the first time in Sweden, a fully electric truck with flatbed is put into operation, through a collaboration between Swerock, Kranpunkten and Volvo Trucks. The vehicle rolls in Gothenburg's inner city and contributes to both less carbon dioxide emissions and reduced noise.

The truck with a total weight of 27 tonnes has recently started driving within environmental zone 1 in Gothenburg's inner city. There, it will deliver electric rental lifts to customers with various projects. Between 15-20 deliveries are made every day, something that is normally done with a regular truck.

The advantage of electric operation is both a reduced climate impact without carbon dioxide emissions and that the operation is quiet. This means less noise in the inner city and a better working environment for the driver.

”Swerock aims to be climate neutral by 2045 and electrification is completely in time. We already have two all-electric vehicles on test in Gothenburg, a concrete and a ballast car. In addition, we have about 15 hybrid carriages that roll around. This is a step in our goal to move from fossil fuels to renewable fuels in our transports, ”says Mikael Johansson, department manager at Swerock.

Charged with electricity from solar cells

A challenge with the new truck is that it will not run a fixed route. Therefore, high demands are placed on planning the logistics to maximize the range of the batteries. The truck will start from Kranpunkten's depot at Hisingen, where it will be charged with renewable electricity with a grant from its own solar cell plant.

“Moving machines between depots and workplaces with the help of trucks is part of Kranpunkten's business model, but it is also where our footprint on the environment is greatest. We carry out ongoing measures to reduce emissions from our machine park and feel that an electric truck in Gothenburg is a milestone in this sustainability work, ”says Andreas Johansson, regional manager at Kranpunkten.

The first electric truck with a flatbed

The truck is specially built and has been modified at the company Bröderna Johansson. They have built a unique machine platform adapted for loading and unloading lifts. The model is the first series-produced Volvo FE Electric truck with this type of body in Sweden.

“We are facing a major climate challenge and have high ambitions to drive the transition to CO2-free transport. It is fantastic that companies such as Swerock and Kranpunkten are with us in this investment and actually show the way for you to become fossil-free in the construction industry ", says Niclas Johnson, sales manager at Volvo Trucks Sweden.

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