We are the leading specialist in lifting equipment in Scandinavia.



We are a full service provider of cranes for construction and industry .
Our core values ​​are quality, efficiency, personal, safety.


We are specialist with the greatest expertise in lifting machinery.



Quality is a fundamental concept in our quest to always improve. We shall have the optimum delivery for our machines for rental and our assembly so that we can meet the demands our customers place on us in terms of quality , availability, and the right price.


All employees responsible for them in their work keeps our goals for quality and safety .


Kranpunkten AB will be a supplier after fulfilling all legal requirements systematically working to minimize the negative impact of the environment and to reduce risks in the work environment.



We will give priority to suppliers that comply with these requirements and pursues an active environmental and work environment .


Kranpunkten AB will be a safe place to work with good working environment. Everyone in the company should be aware that our work is risky but that our goal
zero percent in accidents.
Every employee at Kranpunkten AB must have sufficient knowledge to manage requirements and risks relating to environmental and health and safety at work.

In our daily work , each take personal responsibility for health, safety and environment.


This does not just follow the instructions and policies , but also to recognize and immediately report any deficiencies and risks that could threaten a good work environment and in different ways to help improve it.


Kranpunkten AB 2012


Fredrik Paulsson