Rental insurance

Since machine operation always involves an element of risk, and because burglary and damage to property occurs at construction sites, Kranpunkten provides a safe rental insurance that covers damage such as fire, theft or other damage.

The insurance agreement is signed in connection with the leasing agreement. The cost of the insurance is 6% of the gross leasing cost and the deductible is only 4 000 SEK per occurrence of damage.

Please note that negligent handling, wear and tear or similar are not covered by the rental insurance.


Damage in traffic (traffic and collision damage)

Where the damage occurs in traffic, it will be covered by the motor insurance. A deductible of 20% of a price base amount will be charged to the customer on these occasions.


Height damage

In the event of damage caused by a vertical collision, a deductible of 25% of a price base amount is added.

Please note that in these cases, both a deductible related to the traffic damage and a deductible related to the height damage will be charged to the customer. The base amount is index-based.


Procedure for all injuries

If damage occurs to any of our machines, contact your Kranpunkten depot immediately. Please provide your customer number, address, phone number and contact name.

  • Report damaged property via a notification of damage. In the event of a suspected crime, notify the police immediately. In case of theft, you should be able to indicate when the theft occurred.
  • Please provide a brief description of the course of events and the measures taken since the damage was discovered.


Following the points above will simplify proceedings with the insurance company.