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Kranpunkten has a wide range of construction hoists, climbing platforms and suspended scaffolding from well-known manufacturers such as Geda, Alimak, Aliclimber, Scanclimber and Altrex. We work with the highest security and rent, assemble, move, service and dismantle your construction lift, platform or suspended scaffolding. The construction lift is a temporary installation and a fundamental part of your project that makes it easy and efficient to transport both materials and personnel. Our construction lifts are useful in construction and industry and are available with a maximum load of up to 1,500 kg and platform heights of up to 100 metres.

The climbing platform is set up on a small ground surface, is easy to move and gives you a quick and precise new facade surface and, above all, an optimal working position. You can load the material you need at a low height and then have it available at the height you want. In hard-to-reach places, a suspension scaffold can be a good alternative as it is mounted as the name suggests, hanging from the building. We have different types of construction lifts, climbing platforms and suspension scaffolds. For you as a customer, the choice of the right machine can be of decisive importance both for agility and your finances.

Welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right construction lift, climbing platform or suspended scaffolding according to the conditions that apply to your particular construction site.

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