All equipment rentals have machines. However, not all rentals have our employees! Only we and we are proud of our dedicated and competent employees – of course our most valuable resource! With a way of working that is pervaded by our core values; Competence, Efficiency, Personal and Safety, they deliver services and machines to customers around the country every day.

Health and Safety

Our work can sometimes involve risks. Our goal, of course, is to eliminate them. By training both our own employees and our customers in safety, we want to say that we contribute to increased safety in workplaces around the country. Through our internal incident and accident reporting system, we capture new or old situations that could pose a risk.

» Eye injuries previously accounted for 25% of all accidents. So far in 2019, the proportion of eye injuries is 0%.

To feel good in both body and soul is a prerequisite for doing a good job. In recent years, in employee surveys, we have seen a deterioration when it comes to our employees physical health. In 2018 we therefore launched our goal “With light steps towards 2020”. A comprehensive goal with a range of health-oriented measures. We have not yet seen the result of this goal, however, we can see that the proportion of employees who have utilized the employee wellness grant has increased.

Skills development

Being able to offer career development opportunities for our employees is an important part of our sustainability work.

» All employees have their own skills plan. We work actively to capture employees who want to develop in their roles


A challenge for our industry is definitely the future competence maintenance. A decreasing number of young people are applying for jobs in the industrial sector and this will pose a problem in the future. We have therefore chosen to engage in an apprenticeship program for high school students.

» We currently have two high school apprentices in the business who are doing well and our hope is that they will stay in the industry!

Local involvement

The future workforce consists of our children and young people and we believe that meaningful leisure time is important for the choices you make later in life. Therefore, we are a proud sponsor of a number of sports associations that provide children and young people with such important opportunities!


To work for equal, inclusive workplaces is one of our most important jobs and an extra important responsibility for the management. The industry is traditionally male dominated, but we are working to increase the number of women.

» The proportion of women has increased in recent years, but we know that we can do even better.

We have clear policyers with zero tolerance against discrimination and harassment. Through regular employee surveys, we get indications of whether this occurs on our depots and can quickly take action.


Good business ethics are a prerequisite for long term cooperation. We have strict policyers who clearly signal zero tolerance for corruption and bribery.

Human Rights

Respecting human rights, just like having zero tolerance for corruption, is a matter of course for us. We have made the assessment that the risk of human rights violations is small in the activities we conduct.

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