Update on our training courses

Since the situation is still unchanged, the same conditions apply to our different training courses. Therefore, we extend our break with training programs until the Swedish authorities issue new directives regarding Corona (Covid-19) in our country.

We hope you will understand this decision and wish you a warm welcome to us at training when the situation looks better. We will then return with suggestions for new course dates as soon as possible.

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Sustainability in focus when Kranpunkten makes investment

As part of Kranpunkten’s green strategy, the company prioritizes investments in vehicles and machines that contribute to creating a sustainable rental fleet with the least possible climate impact. In this year’s deliveries of new replacement vehicles about 20 new truck-mounted platforms are noted with emission class Euro 6 and ready to be fuelled with the fossil free renewable diesel HVO100.

Since before, a conversion of existing rental fleet is underway to more hybrid and electric rental machines and renewable fuels. Within transporting, measures are also being taken to reduce volumes through transport optimization, co-loading and increased digitalisation.

– We are constantly working to replace older machines and vehicles to models that meet the market’s environmental and business requirements. With the new truck-mounted platforms we increase the proportion of vehicles with emission class Euro 6 and receive the latest technology in internal combustion engines. The truck-mounted platforms will also be powered by fossil free fuel, in accordance with our previous decision that all diesel-powered machines and vehicles should be refueled with HVO100, says Kranpunkten’s purchasing manager Rikard Jönsson.

Most of the new truck-mounted platforms come from Ruthmann. Among the models are the new TB 300 with a working height of 30 meters and a range of 17.10 meters. A smaller number of Versalift ET 32, are also included in the delivery. These are four-wheel drive vehicles and suitable for line work.

Of the approximately 20 truck-mounted platforms, 6 have already reached Kranpunkten depots in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Remaining units will be delivered to the depots until September.

Kranpunkten converts to fossil free HVO100

Kranpunkten’s sustainability work includes a number of clear goals and efforts to reduce the climate impact of the business. As a measure, the company has decided that all diesel powered machines and vehicles should be refueled with the fossil free diesel HVO100.

In Kranpunkten’s rental fleet of 3,500 units, the proportion of electricity and hybrid driven machines is over 80%, which is a result of an early and conscious strategy where environmental and business requirements from customers have been of great importance. The strategy also includes a conversion to alternative fuels for the diesel-powered part.

– Now we take further action by switching to a renewable and fossil free fuel. Compared to regular diesel, this means a significant reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions, says Petra Lampa, Sustainability Manager at Kranpunkten.

The fleets carbon dioxide emissions via ordinary diesel are one of the important environmental aspects for the company. With HVO100 as the fuel, the emissions volume is estimated to decrease by 82% within this area.

The company’s service cars started refueling with the HVO100 as early as the fall of 2019. The conversion of other diesel-powered vehicles and machines to the fossil free diesel is estimated to take one year. Factors that affect are the availability of the fuel itself and the clearance of certain machine and vehicle suppliers.

About HVO100
HVO100 is a 100% renewable and fossil free diesel fuel that can reduce the climate impact by up to 90% compared to fossil diesel. The propellant is a chemical copy of a regular diesel but with a slightly lower density. The environmental and climate performance of the HVO100 depends on the raw material used in the production. HVO can be manufactured from different raw materials and the raw material mix used depends on the product and fuel supplier.

For further information contact:
Petra Lampa, Sustainability Manager, Kranpunkten, +46 431- 44 54 50, petra.lampa@kranpunkten.se
Karin Peterson, Press contact, Kranpunkten, +46 431-44 51 57, karin.peterson@kranpunkten.se

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During 2018 Kranpunkten will invest 80 million SEK in 200 new machines.

It´s mostly Geniemachines and many of the them are already delivered to our depots.

New Seller

We are looking for new sellers in the Southern Region. Are you interested in learning more about this position please contact Thomas Eriksson at 070-609 70 65 or email thomas.eriksson@kranpunkten.se


Kranpunkten in Gothenburg looking for tenant for industrial building. Size of the premises is 615 square meters and car wash with oil separator, office space, living room with kitchen, staff rooms with changing facilities, toilet and shower.
The address is Tuvevägen 37, 417 05 Gothenburg, Sweden.
Possibility to rent additional adjoining 660 sqm
Contact Isaac 0705-284918 for more info.