Our greatest impact on the environment comes through our truck transports. Moving our machines is part of our business model, but by working closely with our transporters we constantly strive to reduce our CO2 emissions.

» The goal is for 80% of our transport by 2020 to be carried out with alternative fuels in the tank! Right now we stand at about 25%!

But it is not just the choice of fuel that affects our emissions. Through good cooperation with the carriers, we have the opportunity to optimize the transport. The combined loading and the right dimension of the trucks gives us both environmental and economic benefits. Our lift pool concept also contributes to reduced emissions from transport. By setting up a smaller depot with machines in large workplaces and managing rental and machine service on site, we avoid a lot of unnecessary transport. Right now we are also working to, through increased digitalisation, be able to carry out service and maintenance at our customers workplaces instead of transporting the machines home to our depots every time.


In our fleet we currently have about 3,500 machines. Of course, they have an impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. In cooperation with a few carefully selected machine suppliers, we strive to make the machines produced in the best possible way. Once the machines have been delivered to us, our quality system takes over. By taking good care of the machines, we significantly increase their life span! At the same time, we are moving towards a conversion of the entire fleet. In cases where it is possible to change machine types to more environmentally friendly alternatives, we do so.

» In this year’s machine investments, 84% were fully electric machines or hybrids.

»As from 2020, we will switch the entire fleet from using ordinary diesel to the renewable and fossil-free fuel HVO100.

Vehicles and cars

We have both vehicles for transportation and passenger cars and of course they have an impact on the environment. Already in 2013, we made early attempts to switch to alternative fuels by investing in a gas car closely followed by a hybrid car. Since the fall of 2019, we are now refueling the company’s service cars with HVO100 and the remaining vehicles will be converted to HVO100 in 2020.

»By converting all diesel-powered machines and vehicles to HVO100, we calculate that the volume of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 82% in this area.


Although we take good care of our machines, some hazardous waste is generated in the form of oil and battery waste. Careful separation of all waste is a matter of course at all depots, but we are also working actively to reduce our waste.

» In recent years, our waste oil volumes have decreased by 14% and our battery waste by 10%.


Our seven depots consume a lot of energy, both when we heat the premises and when we load the machines. Of course, all electricity we buy comes from renewable sources such as solar, wind and water. In addition, we have been focusing on reducing consumption for many years.

» Through new heating systems and additional insulation we have reduced the number of kWh consumed by 25% in the last five years!

In 2018, we took another step by installing solar cells on the roof one of our depots. We have not really seen the whole outcome of this venture, but we expect to produce at least 30% of our consumption at this depot! Now we continue the mounting of solar cells at other depots that are suitable for this!

» With solar cells we now produce part of our electricity ourselves!

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