Safety first

Your, your employees’ and your clients’ security and safety are reliant on Kranpunkten’s interplay between man and machine, where man always comes first. Safety work and working environment work go hand in hand at Kranpunkten, where we conduct systematic risk analyses and continually make improvements.


This entails, among other things, qualitative training and providing information on applicable working environment regulations. It also entails regular maintenance of all our machines to ensure that they perform as they should.


Confidence in the machine you are using is imperative. Consequently, we ensure that we maintain our expertise in safe lifting and work continually to reduce risk. Everyone at our company is well aware of the risks involved in our field of work, and equally aware of the fact that we always work preventively for zero occurrence of accidents.


With respect to this, we can also provide fall protection and personal safety equipment as a further safety measure. Moreover, we always have competent support and rapid service available should an unexpected event occur.