Higher standard

Kranpunkten works continually to maintain the validity of its four certifications – quality, working environment, environment and credit rating. It is important for us as a supplier to maintain high standards, so that our customers can, in turn, provide their clients with all the required certification guarantees.

We are a leading company in terms of sustainability development. We have for several years now been certified according to environment standard ISO 14001, quality standard ISO 9001 and working environment standard ISO 45001. Our engagement in environmental work has, furthermore, resulted in us since 2011 compensating for our climatic environmental impact.

We want to go forward with a clear conscience knowing that we are doing all we can for future generations, and we wish to contribute to achieving a sustainable construction process, in which we, from year to year, reduce the environmental impact of equipment leasing activities. At the same time we help to raise quality and efficiency, and improve routines for the enhancement of a safe and secure working environment.

For you, this means, that you know that you are engaging an approved supplier with high environmental and work standards for all your projects.